Ian Lawrence Gallardo

Michigan, USA

front-end portfolio

I make things for the internet. As a front-end developer, I strive to create experiences that are not only visually appealing, but also gleefully intuitive. Check out a few of my case studies and other design samples by following the link below. You can find my resume here.


I've been running for 5 years and have recently begun to branch out to other events. An active lifestyle is important for maintaining my physical and mental equilibrium. Personal records are displayed below.

5k 24:45 next goal:
10k 49:41 next goal:
1/2 Marathon 2:07:15 next goal:
Sprint Tri 1:30:34 next goal:
Oly Tri DNF next goal:

about me

Self-diagnosed internet addict. Guilty pleasures include ice cream sandwiches, teen fiction novels, and Lady Gaga. My style? Throw in two parts minimalist, one part flair, a handful of humor and a dash of cowboy. Blend until smooth.


For any questions, comments, or harshly worded complaints, please reach me via email.